Llandudno is a unique community driven residential suburb

Nestled between the Twelve Apostle Mountain range, Little Lion’s Head and Karbonkelberg and the Atlantic Ocean with a beach esteemed by surfers and sunbathers. Key to the protection of our property values is the need to maintain and enforce a strict code of building regulations to ensure we remain a single residential family oriented.

Our Website

www.llandudno.org.za is a site dedicated to serve the interest of the Llandudno community. The Llandudno Civic Association is an Association not for Gain and the property owners within Llandudno democratically elect its board.


To protect the quality lifestyle, the unique character and property values that makes Llandudno a sought after destination.

Distinction between SRA & LCA

Llandudno Special rates area


Llandudno civic association

LBCA – Llandudno building and advisory committee


Registered property owners are eligible to be members – not automatic, must apply

Membership is voluntary

Contributions to levies is NOT voluntary, levied by City of Cape Town, based on property value

Areas of Operation/Scope:

  • Public open areas, and environment
  • Security of suburb – Public areas
  • Environment
  • Clearing services – top up, beaches, paths etc.


Residents may become a member

Membership is voluntary

Contributions are set and Administered by the LCA and are voluntary

Areas of Operation/Scope:

  • Property Owners built environment – LBAC
  • Building regulations and enforcment
  • Vision re densification of suburb

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